Consumer Attitudes Survey Tool

Your own consumer data, fast and affordable, 
for more confident decision-making and effective brand-building.


When waiting six weeks for a $20K research report won't cut it.

Online surveys of American adults.

Starting at $4,200 (includes data from 1000 survey-takers).

Results in days.

Designed by two highly experienced consumer researchers with 20+ years of experience.

You can't make great business decisions without the right information. Get some here.

What it's for

Learn what consumers are thinking, feeling, and doing. Gauge their preferences, purchase behaviors, opinions of your product/ service/ brand, and expectations and worries about the future. 

Useful for:

  • Profiling your target consumers demographically

  • Profiling your target consumers psychologically

  • Identifying pain points that can inform product innovation

  • Understanding consumer mindsets for better messaging

  • Sales plays using data as a hook

  • Thought leadership campaigns fueled by data-driven stories

What's included

Survey includes:

  • 20 attitudinal statements that you contribute; survey-takers will indicate whether they agree or disagree with each statement using a 5-point agreement scale

  • 6 attribute statements that you contribute for profiling; survey-takers will indicate whether each statement applies to them (they would select all that apply)

  • Standard demographic questions (age, gender, parental status, income)

Data can be delivered within 24 hours after fielding ends (estimate 3 days for surveying the General Population with not specific targeting criteria.)

What it costs


To survey 1000 U.S. adults (includes respondent incentives). Data tables with demographic and attribute data cuts included.

$1,800 for each additional 1000 U.S. adults you want to survey, up to 4000 total.

If you want to survey a more defined or group of people, including your own customers, this tool is $5,400 + additional costs. Please reach out to Nika for a conversation about your target survey-taker and pricing.

$680 for one round of review of survey inputs and a one-hour conversation about the findings.

No report of findings and/or recommendations is included, but please contact Nika for additional pricing on this.

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