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Does your team have a high-stakes decision to make? Are they having a hard time making it?

A Decision Science approach can help. This workshop includes:

  • A two-hour meeting with the primary stakeholder or team leader at least three days in advance, to clarify the decision-making challenges that need to be resolved;

  • An orientation lesson with your team on the Decision Science process and its relevance, including a list of decision-making pitfalls that need to be managed;

  • A moderated brainstorming session where the decision is "architected" (the end-game, options, and trade-offs are roughly drafted);

  • A lesson on and group analysis of decision-making pitfalls that need to be managed;

  • A discussion of information gaps that need to be addressed;

  • Independent work by team members, to gather necessary and relevant information;

  • A revision of the decision architecture based on new information and awareness of pitfalls;

  • A moderated discussion of the final decision.

This workshop covers a 4-day period and meets for 4 hours per day. ​Depending on the nature of the decision-making challenge, meetings may or may not be held on consecutive days. Reach out to learn more and to get pricing. 

If you're interested in a shorter, less-intensive workshop, please book a consult to discuss how Nika can design a program that fits your needs. 


Doubt feels awful. So does regret. You can minimize both. Whether your decisions involve product design, human resources, marketing strategy, or something else, Nika can customize services for your specific needs - or for the needs of your business.


Using a Decision Science framework, Nika will help you:

  • Clarify the decision(s) you or your team need to make;

  • Arrive at all relevant options, along with their trade-offs;

  • Identify decision-making pitfalls that need to be managed;

  • Advise you as you arrive at your optimal decision.


Nika offers consulting for individuals, teams, and entire businesses. No decision is too great or too small for Nika to tackle. Simply reach out to learn more. 


Courses are great for team-building events and off-sites. Each is 3 hours long and includes a lecture, group work, group discussion, and wrap-up. 

Courses include:

  • Decision Science for Business, 101

  • Basics of Consumer Decision-making

  • Decision Science for Marketing and Brand

  • Decision Science for Content Strategy

  • Decision Science for Product Innovation

Course content is pre-developed and standardized. If you'd like Nika to create a unique course for your company or team, book a free consult.


You can learn a lot in an hour. Have Nika speak at your next team meeting or company event.

Presentations include:

  • Responsible: How Decisions Made by Good People Lead to Bad Business

  • Choosing Culture: How Decision Science Can Ensure a Healthy Workplace Environment

  • How People Buy: Consumer Purchase Decisions and the Growth of your Business

Each presentation is 45 minutes with a 15-minute Q&A. You can also request that Nika design a presentation specific for your needs.

Reach out to learn more or to schedule Nika for an engagement.

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