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Before you do traditional market research...

Consumers are the lifeblood of any business, but their behavior isn't always straightforward. 

Nika examines consumer behavior in unique way, leveraging existing knowledge on human decision-making, drawn mostly from academic research, to help her clients understand why their consumers choose the way they do.


Nika also conducts primary consumer research, exploring how people make decisions about what solutions to consider, what products or services to buy, and which brands to be faithful to. Nika's research work is extensive, and includes services that help with brand-building, product innovation, pricing, consumer segmentation, and more.

Nika also employs a suite of semi-automated, semi-standardized survey tools that get you consumer answers in a fraction of the time for a fraction of the cost.

By leveraging insights on human decision-making, you'll have a robust picture of why your consumers make their specific purchase choices - and what you can do to nudge them to choose you.

How you know this is right for you

You've got a great product or service, but not enough people are buying it. And you want to know why.

Your marketing team needs compelling messaging. And you want to advise them on what that could be.

Your product team needs help nailing down the best features and price points. And you want to make sure they get it right. 

How it works

Nika interviews key stakeholders to clarify the business challenge and design the right research solution.

Nika conducts primary research that provides key insights on how consumers make decisions. 

Nika explores academic research on decision-making to add robustness to her insights. 

Nika shares recommendations designed to help business leaders make the right consumer-centric choices.

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