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Before your next event...

You can learn a lot in an hour. Have Nika speak at your next team meeting or company event.

Presentations include:

  • Responsible: How Decisions Made by Good People Lead to Bad Business

  • Choosing Culture: How Decision Science Can Nurture a Healthy Workplace Environment

  • In the Ring: What Martial Arts Can Teach Us About Business Decision-Making

Each presentation is typically 45 minutes with a 15-minute Q&A. You can also request that Nika design a presentation specific for your needs.

Reach out to learn more or to schedule Nika for an engagement.

How you know this is right for you

You're an event planner looking for the right talent to deliver a keynote or presentation for your company or your client.

You're an executive or HR professional seeking a thought leader to share culture-building insights with your company.

You're an executive, manager, or team leader looking for growth opportunities or team-building for your organization or team.  

How it works

Nika will meet with you to discuss your needs, including the ideal topic for her presentation.

Nika sends an agreement, which includes an outline of her presentation, for your approval.

Nika will work with your team to market the event and ensure a great presentation experience.

Nika will follow up with a request for feedback, so she can better understand how to serve you better next time.

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