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Your own consumer data, fast and affordable, 
for more confident decision-making.


When waiting six weeks for a $20K research report won't cut it.

Online surveys of American adults.

Results in days for a fraction of the typical price.

Designed by a highly experienced consumer researcher with 20+ years of experience.



Attitudes & Opinions

When you want to know what people are thinking, feeling, wanting.

Image by Owen Beard

Brand Health

When you need to know how well people know and like you, and how much they get you.


Idea Evaluation

When you want to test the promise of a new product or service idea.

Image by Jason Leung

Name Testing

When you want to know what to call your company or product, and what tagline to use.


Message Testing

When you want to know how strong your message is.

Image by Chris Montgomery

Interview Recruiting

When you need to people in the general population to interview for your own qualitative studies.

Why InsightKit?


To make the right business decisions, you can't go on gut or rely on experience. And your internal data only tells part of the story. Our kit of insights tools gets you real consumer survey data quickly and affordably, so you can make your decision and move forward.


How? With InsightKit, you pay for data, not human inefficiency and error.

Our tools are standardized, because customization is time-intensive and expensive (and it's a myth).

We employ efficient tech-driven processes, because human error costs time and money.

Our reporting is automated, because human reporting can lead to costly mistakes.

The world is changing. The time to tolerate costly inefficiency in market research is over.


InsightKit is the solution.

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