Idea Evaluation Survey Tool

What it's for

Before investing time and energy into building something, make sure the American consumer will like it as much as you do. Learn what consumers think about your startup idea, new business idea, or new product or service you hope to offer.  Compare your idea to a comparable one that already exists in the market. Or, if you have two ideas and aren't sure which way to go, this tool can break the tie.

Useful for:

  • Deciding whether to move forward with an idea

  • Gauging the purchase potential of your idea

  • Sizing your potential market

  • Profiling your potential market

Also useful for gathering data you can use in business plans as well as in pitches to investors or lenders.

What's included

Survey includes:

  • Evaluation of two product or service ideas, designed and written by you

  • 15 statements regarding the ideas that survey-takers can agree or disagree with (using a 5-point agreement scale) - 9 statements are fixed, 6 you can select from a list of options

  • 4 attribute statements that you contribute; survey-takers will indicate whether each statement applies to them (they would select all that apply)

  • Standard demographic questions (age, gender, parental status, income)

Report is delivered no more than 3 days after fielding begins.

What it costs


To survey 1000 U.S. adults. Full report with demographic and attribute data cuts included.

$1,800 for each additional 1000 people you want to survey, up to 4000 total.

If you want to survey a more defined or group of people, this tool is $3,800 + additional costs. Please reach out to Nika for a conversation about your target survey-taker and pricing.

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