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Message Testing Survey Tool

What it's for

Learn what consumers think about your brand or marketing messaging. Compare your messaging statement against a competitors'. Or, if you're not sure which of two directions to go in, test both and see which consumers respond to better. 

Useful for informing:

  • Brand promise and positioning statements

  • Brand pillar, or "reasons to believe" your brand promise

  • Messaging for marketing campaigns

  • Messaging for PR/ communications

Also useful for consumer targeting: this tool can profile the U.S. adults that respond most strongly and positively to your brand or message. 

What's included

Survey of at least 1000 U.S. adults includes:

  • Evaluation of two message statements, designed and written by you

  • 15 statements regarding the messages that survey-takers can agree or disagree with (using a 5-point agreement scale) - 9 statements are fixed, 6 you can select from a list of options

  • 4 attribute statements that you contribute; survey-takers will indicate whether each statement applies to them (they would select all that apply)

  • Standard demographic questions (age, gender, parental status, income)

Report is delivered no more than 3 days after fielding begins.

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