Understand consumer decision-making so you can draw in more customers, make the right choices, and grow your business.



Make strategic decisions free of bias and rooted in the right information, to get your business where it needs to go. 

Pierce through the noise. Make choices that count.

Kabiri Consulting uses a unique Decision Science framework to help businesses make the right choices and ethically influence the decisions of others. Nika Kabiri combines the right research, statistical techniques, and mindful strategic thinking to help business professionals make their own decisions - whether for their company or themselves - and to help insights experts understand the purchase decision-making of consumers. Kabiri Consulting helps clients pierce through the chatter, analyze what matters, and make choices that count.

More control. Less regret. The best shot possible. 

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Real expertise. No fluff.

Nika Kabiri, JD PhD
Founder and President

Academically trained in choice theory and institutional analysis, Nika has spent 20+ years studying how decisions are shaped by psychological and sociological forces. In business, Nika has worked with industry leaders across multiple categories, from tech to CPG to non-profit, helping them understand consumer decision-making so they can make their own best strategic choices. Her clients have included global companies like Microsoft and Amazon as well as startup entrepreneurs who haven't launched their companies yet. 


Nika has taught applied Decision Science at the University of Washington and writes about decision-making on her website Your Next Decision. She is a bestselling author and regular media contributor.