The alternative to traditional consumer insights.



You can't afford consumer research that's slow, expensive, and outdated. And you need to leverage Decision Science knowledge so you can understand  how consumers make decisions. My services aren't just faster, more affordable, and more efficient; they also rely on knowledge that's already out there, so you don't  pay for redundancy.



Customized research isn't always necessary, and true customization is a myth: surveys are commonly repurposed, in whole or in part. Plus, customized processes are prone to human error. You may not want to pay for that. InsightKit survey tools cover many common research needs. They're standardized and semi-automated, to minimize cost, time, and error.  


You don't need to hire me to benefit from Decision Science. This blog offers insights on how to make better business decisions, how to avoid pitfalls when engaging with your consumers, and how to influence consumer choices. Each post is at most a 4 minute read, so you can benefit from consistent learning in small doses that even the busiest professionals can find time for.


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