The alternative to traditional consumer research. 

You need consumer insights to make your next decision.

You value precise, research-driven strategy.

And you don't want to pay for bloat, errors, or redundancies.

This is where you belong.

Insight Mining

The consumer insights you seek may already be here. Starting at $3,000.


Research institutions and academic journals have troves of insights waiting to be used. But businesses aren't using them. Instead, when needing data on consumers, businesses spend a lot of money to do their own market research to learn what might already be out there. 

There is another way. Before spending $20K or more your own primary research, let my academic training uncover insights from the existing research literature.

With this service, I will:

  • Gather relevant data and insights from grey literature and academic research that directly pertain to your business question;

  • Mine insights from the Decision Science literature that can help you understand and influence consumer behavior; 

  • Synthesize and interpret all insights, and arrive at strategic recommendations;

  • Deliver all findings to you in an easily digestible way;

  • Offer informed recommendations on what additional research you do need to spend on, if any, to fill gaps in your knowledge.


This service can be used to:

  • Better identify and understand your target consumer;

  • Explore the potential of a new product opportunity or feature;

  • Help build your brand;

  • Help improve your messaging;

  • Support package design optimization;

  • Inform web site design; 

  • Help refine your sales plays.

Don't fall into the redundancy trap. Reach out to learn if this service is right for you.

Decision Science Consulting

Sometimes Decision Science is all you need. Starting at $1,500.

You might already have troves of data. Or maybe you don't need it. What you do need, however, is to understand why, despite your research, hard thinking, and strategizing, consumers just aren't doing what you expect them to. 

This is Decision Science's sweet spot. With this service, I will:

  • Review your existing data (if relevant) and talk to key stakeholders (or just you), to fully understand your business challenge;

  • Curate insights from the Decision Science literature relevant to solving your problem;

  • Synthesize these insights and arrive at actionable recommendations;

  • Deliver all findings to you in an easily digestible way.

There may be no need for more research, and you don't need to waste time spinning your wheels. Reach out to see if my consulting services are the right fit.

Primary Research (Qual and Quant)

Get the whole story, quickly and affordably. Starting at $10,000.

Consumer research that skims the surface of consumer decisions can only offer an incomplete story. My research can uncover what happens inside the consumer decision-making process, including why consumers don't often do what they say they want to, or why they don't choose what's in their best interests.  

And all this research is done by me: academically trained and highly experienced. Which means you'll get high-quality work with minimal inefficiencies. I can deliver both qualitative and quantitative insights within 4 weeks. 


Here's how Decision Science-based research is unique:

  • Research I do on consumer targeting explores identity, sub-cultures, social networks, and biases in internal storytelling;

  • My research on brand messaging includes analyses of personal identity, interpretation of cultural symbols, and how these impact decisions on what brands to buy;

  • My user experience research incorporates behavioral economics to uncover why consumers navigate they way they do across your site;

  • My pricing studies consider consumer anchor points in your category (behavioral economics), and explore how price points carry cultural meanings that influence purchase choices;

  • Research I do on product innovation explores social meanings around pain points that may influence consumer adoption of a new solution;

  • My research on your target consumer can identify mental short-cuts that your sales team can leverage to make the sale. 

Reach out to see how I can help. 

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